Make the Most of the Day

Today it snowed about 5 inches overnight in Seattle and is continuing to snow late into the morning. This city doesn’t get snow often so it also doesn’t handle it well. All of the schools are closed and many businesses shut down as well. Well made plans are now bust as everyone pretty much stays home and calls it a snow day. I’ll admit, it’s tempting to just stay inside, drink some hot cocoa, and binge watch TV.

However, this is an example of opportunity to get some exercise doing something different. There is a snow shovel sitting in the garage that hasn’t seen snow in years, so here’s the chance to get to work. 30-40 minutes of clearing heavy wet snow from driveways and walks is more tiring than one might remember, unless you live in a place that regularly gets snow.

I took the opportunity to go shovel the driveway and the walkways around our house, including the public sidewalk out front so that people can walk safely in front of our house. It took about 45 minutes, I got warmed up and definitely got some shoulder and back work in. The funny thing is, since it’s still snowing I’ll have to go out for round 2 in a couple of hours.

Sometimes you just need to forget about well-made plans (I was going to do upper body strength training today) and make the most of what is presented to you. 45 minutes of snow shoveling isn’t quite the same as strength training, but I still got activity in and used some muscles that needed the work anyways and even had a bit of fun. I also got to say hello to my neighbors that I rarely see. I hope everyone else is making the most of their day today as well.

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